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Increase revenue by motivating people in four different stages of the customer lifecycle:

A Latte Happy Customers, with a Mobile Engagement Platform Designed for Coffee Shops.

Great customer experiences for cafes and coffee shops require tools for each step of the customer's journey.

This solution is for:

  • ​Coffee Shop Owners
  • ​Café Managers
  • ​Regional Managers
  • ​Marketing Director
  • ​Sales Managers
  • Franchisees

... who want to provide guests with an exciting and engaging personalized experience when visiting, subscribing, purchasing, or receiving rewards from their favorite coffee shop.

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What's Included:

Wallet Inc's complete customer lifecycle management solution with mobile-optimized marketing, advertising, and loyalty tools.

Customer Lifecycle Management

Enhance customer engagement and retention with Wallet's advanced CLM system. Seamlessly manage customer interactions, provide unique perks and rewards, and personalize communication to foster long-term relationships and drive business growth.

Marketing & Loyalty

Boost brand visibility and customer loyalty with integrated marketing and loyalty platform. Create targeted campaigns, incentivize repeat purchases, and analyze customer data to optimize marketing strategies and enhance brand advocacy.

Mobile Payments

Simplify transactions and enhance user experience with mobile payment solutions. Enable secure and convenient payments on any device, optimizing conversion rates and driving revenue growth for your business.

Customer Behavior Analysis

Gain valuable insights into customer preferences and behaviors with advanced analytics tools. Utilize data-driven intelligence to identify trends, anticipate needs, and optimize business strategies for increased customer satisfaction and retention.

Personalized Offers & Promotions

Drive conversions with personalized offers and promotions. Deliver targeted incentives based on customer behavior and preferences, track effectiveness, and maximize campaign effectiveness for increased ROI.

Direct Communications

Strengthen customer relationships and improve communication with direct messaging channels. Engage customers through SMS/MMS messages and real-time chat support, delivering timely assistance and fostering brand loyalty.

Live Help Desk System

Provide exceptional customer service and support with a mobile-optimized live help desk system. Resolve customer inquiries efficiently, manage tickets effectively, and deliver personalized assistance to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Engaging Personalized Experiences

Optimize the customer journey and drive business growth with complete lifecycle management tools. From acquisition to retention, streamline outreach and deliver seamless experiences that keep customers engaged and loyal.

Marketing / Ad Revenue Tracking

Measure and optimize marketing performance with robust tracking capabilities. Gain actionable insights into ad revenue, campaign effectiveness, and customer acquisition channels to maximize ROI and drive business success.

What's NOT Included?

More Computer Hardware (thank goodness!)

The Wallet Platform does not require any new computers! There are no new cash registers, tablets, workstations, servers, laptops, smartphones, barcode scanners, or other computer hardware that you EVER need to buy to use this system.

A Point-of-Sale System

Your cafe should already have a PoS system in place. If you don't have one, there are many reputable vendors we can recommend for your POS needs. This product does NOT replace your existing POS system - it works alongside it!

A Traditional Desktop Website

The Wallet Platform is designed to serve the mobile needs (Web & App) of your customers . You should already have a traditional desktop website for your cafe in place. This product can replace your existing website, but is not intended to.

Inventory Management

This platform does not provide any tools that support your cafe's production process and/or its product, beverage, or food inventory. There are much more suitable products and vendors to support those needs.

Email Marketing & Newsletter Tools

The Wallet Platform does not provide any email marketing tools. There are many reputable providers that we can recommend if you need one. But since this product is designed for the mobile needs of your customers, it focuses on SMS.

Acquire & RETAIN New Customers

» Customer acquisition costs are increasing on many platforms. 
» Meanwhile, churn rates are HIGH, averaging 80-85% in 2023-2024.
» With the Wallet Platform, you can acquire new customers for free, and keep them coming back for repeat business.
» Getting an existing customer to purchase again is 80% cheaper than acquiring a new customer.
» And, just a 5% increase in customer retention can increase revenue between 25%-95%.
» What would a 25%-95% increase in revenue do for your cafe? Maybe support a new location?

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What People Are Saying:

"We Highly Recommend!"

"Wallet Inc. was absolutely amazing to work with. They were very responsive and attentive to our personalized needs... We were incredibly impressed with the quality of the solution developed and with the level of service we received. We highly recommend!"
Tessa Benedict
Chumash Casino Resort

"Timing Is Perfect..."

“Wallet Inc provides a unique software platform to businesses and consumers that we believe will lead the customer retention space... Wallet’s timing is perfect as these industries welcome new tools and systems to help them recover from Covid.”
Kevin Harrington
 Inventor of the Infomercial,
Original Shark from Shark Tank,
and Wallet Inc. Advisor
"A Huge Success..."
"Connecting to the Wallet platform grew my medical skincare business the very first time I used it. I really don’t have time for marketing. Wallet makes it a no-brainer to reach all of my customers with an SMS (text) message instantly. Since I started using Wallet's SMS & QR code services, I no longer have to waste time trying to create “appealing” emails. It’s the best decision I’ve made to bring my business back (even better) after being closed for 15 months due to COVID."
Tiffany Turnham
Owner - Tiffany Turnham Beauty

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